FAQ - Design All Things


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How does Design All Things work?

Signing up and getting started with your Design All Things account is quick and easy at no cost. Follow the steps on the sign up screen to create an account.

After creating an account, you’ll have access to your dashboard. Here you’ll be able to create project requests and choose the type of product that you’d like to start. Products vary is pricing, ranging from $20 (lowest) and $100 (highest). Custom designs are available, but will have an add on cost. Upon creating your first request, you’ll be assigned to a dedicated Customer Success Manager. Once you receive the first draft of your request, you can make unlimited revisions within the project board.

Can I place a Rush Order?

Yes! If you need your order sooner than our typical 3-5 business days turnaround, contact us at support@designallthings.com and your design can be placed in front of our queue.

Help & Support

What happens if I need support on a project?

All customers will have access to our support line at  and every project has its designated chat window where you can provide feedback or questions to your designers in real-time.

How long is the turn around for each design request?

Our team will communicate with you as soon as we process your request, and will work with you to meet your deadline.

How many edits can I make on each request?

Good news- you have unlimited revisions! We will work with you on your design until you are completely satisfied, or your money back.

Once you receive the first draft of your request, you can make unlimited revisions within the project board. Your designer and Customer Success Manager are here for you to create your perfect design.

What does the Customer Success Manager do?

Your designated Customer Success Manager is there to communicate your goals with the team, and ensure that from start to finish, you feel supported in the design process. You can go to them to ask any questions, finalize details, and make the design process as easy as possible.

What if I don’t see a product that I want designed?

Just ask! Our diverse and highly experienced design team is flexible and always happy to tackle any design, no matter how small or large.

Will the same designer be working on each one of my requests?

Typically, you’ll be assigned the same designer for your projects, so that your design vision is seamless across all requests. When there is a high volume of incoming orders, other designers may work on your designs, but your design vision will still be integrated.

Are there fees or taxes on top of the base cost of a product?

We charge a 5% service fee for designs, and sales tax will be applied according to your billing address.

How many products can I add to one request?

As many as you would like! Simply add it to your order and we can get started on your designs.

Can I see examples of your work?

Sure! You can see our work here.


Can I play a bulk order? Will I get a discount for doing so?

Send us a message on our Contact Us page, and we can work something out!

What forms of payment you accept?

We use Stripe to securely process payments, which accepts payments from major credit cards and digital wallets including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more.